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Character Gen

We went for the Character Generation method from BRP

Social Contact

We decided after much debate to adopt the Tracker from The One Ring


After a heated debate we applied Maelstrom Magic system to the game! There was absolutely NO bias at al.


After some great debate on Diegesis (look it up) we went for Conan 2d20 intiative system!


Inspired by Kaye's extraordinary Powerpoint dissection of Charcetristics we went for

Vampire (of) the Masquerade and the Tripartite characeteristics method! Link:



Due to once again superb argument (and being first) we went for Gumshoe's Investigative mechanic. Now we need "fate/hero/story" points


Amazingly enough the combat system we have adopted for the game is - MERP, as a consequence we will be using every single critical hit table available!

Failing Forward

Let's not even go there. 

We have decided that there will be NO failing forward we will embracing failure and allowing it to write a new part of the story!

Resource Management

Well after some serious hand wringing and soul searching about whether or not we might go "abstract" or "bean counting" we finally succumbed to Wayne's genius idea of using CoC's Credit rating as a way of not only managing reputation but also as a kind of 'Roll CR and see if you have it?' Am not sure we can be classed as bean counters!

Hit Points or recording damage

In an unprecedented double on debut Wayne also pushed us diligently toward the damage system used in Conan 2d20 which also contains hit locations, much to Jim's delight!


Well as he is the Artist in residence for the Podcast we officially announce Jon Hodgson as the Frankentein's RPG Artist!

Find him here:


So this ended up with a long debate about stat blocks, how we handle monsters in the game and what the relative strengths were of King of Dungeons approach, Savage Worlds and pre-determined actions by monsters. In the end though we voted for Dragon Warriors because they were highly evocative!

Fate/Luck Points

We decided to go with the groundbreaking - and frankly off the wall idea of the Angel RPG which dealt with Drama Points - the idea being to use only when the drama needs taking forward or changing to heighten the gameplay!


Well - we went at it a bit hammer and tongs and certainly more intellectually than you'd think possible but it was Ralph's suggestion - Beyond the Wall that won out in the end! 

GM Advice

No great surprise that we couldn't agree on what to take as a decent bit of in-game GM advice - just look at the DMs guide from AD&D for goodness sake (thanks Paul) 
But in the end Paul's suggestion of the lazy Dungeon Master ran out the winner - and hugely deservedly so.


Well, after some heated debate we went with the Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan written 13th Age scenario "Make Your Own Luck" available originally as an adventure on Free RPG day Chris quite rightly described it as being the best example of a scenario that would use all the elements of the game!

PC Advancement

Not an easy thing to judge - all of the team though were fans of simplistic updating/growth.
We eventually came to the conclusion that Liminal offered the best fit - especially since the skill test mechanic comes from the same game.







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