Character Gen

We went for the Character Generation method from BRP

Social Contact

We decided after much debate to adopt the Tracker from The One Ring


After a heated debate we applied Maelstrom Magic system to the game! There was absolutely NO bias at al.


After some great debate on Diegesis (look it up) we went for Conan 2d20 intiative system!


Inspired by Kaye's extraordinary Powerpoint dissection of Charcetristics we went for

Vampire (of) the Masquerade and the Tripartite characeteristics method! Link:



Due to once again superb argument (and being first) we went for Gumshoe's Investigative mechanic. Now we need "fate/hero/story" points


Amazingly enough the combat system we have adopted for the game is - MERP, as a consequence we will be using every single critical hit table available!

Failing Forward

Let's not even go there. 

We have decided that there will be NO failing forward we will embracing failure and allowing it to write a new part of the story!