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Image by Riho Kroll

What’s it all about?

The idea is that a group of Grognards get together and chat, as if they are about to play a game but have yet to decide which one to play. They debate which bits of the games available they like and then decide on which is best for that particular session. Hand picked for their ability to both "entertain and inform" the guests will be a 'tour de force' of RPG knowledge!

At the end of the series we aim to have compiled the “perfect” RPG system - and may even play it, if we can!

Well, I say "perfect"...

How does it work?

In each episode we examine two topics or game elements. Our group of contributors (including the host, me) will bring at least one example of their ideal gaming system for the subject in question - ideally different games but not necessarily - and be able to make their case against the other suggestions - and be prepared to explain their thinking.

At the end of each segment we will, vote on which of the arguments meets the criteria of being “best in class” and this will then become the mechanic of choice for the Frankenstein’s RPG of the title.

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